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I've been known to have a lot of fun with this. Haiku is a very structured form of poetry which requires a five syllable line, followed by a seven syllable line and finished with another five syllable line - traditionally, a season word (kigo) is included (but I'm sloppy and just have fun with the syllable restrictions).

Apparently Haiku is derived from Renga, which was a group-effort poem, consisting of 100 verses. The verses were either 5, 7, 5 syllables or 7,7 syllables. Some time after Renga, Haikai emerged as a Renga parody.

The Hokku (first verse of Renga/Haikai) was, you guessed it, 5, 7, 5 and was sometimes presented by itself and is the origin of Haiku. And this concludes today's history lesson.

www.badhaiku.com is a fun read when it hasn't degraded to conversation... well, I like it anyway.

cricket on TV
it bores me to tears each year
its the summer curse

men dressed all in white
one swipes at little red ball
crowd claps politely

Aussie bowls fast pace
the umpire calls a no-ball
Lee should watch his feet

funny this haiku
makes the banal sound profound
those wacky Jap'nese!

I blame my mother.
And I blame her crossword too!
...must write more haiku...

Poor text in bully
His correction just as bad
Hangs his head in shame

Hmmm - limited sounds...
Its the return of Haiku!
...and the crowd goes wild!

huh? that has been sent?
doesn't he mean, that was sent?
bah! More bad grammar!

J's at it again
more messages in haiku
such a clever boy!

Elle's not responding
Perhaps she's in a meeting
I Haiku alone