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These concept pages have been developed purely for my own entertainment. I claim no fitness for any particular purpose - they are just concepts that sat on my shoulder, whispering to me, until I relented and created them.

Over the years, I've gone through a couple of stages when it comes to approaching my own little slice of the web.

In '95 my main goal was just to have a home page. With that achieved my attention was turned to making it better. However, in order to make something better, you kinda need some notion of what constitutes a 'good' home page.

In '95 my idea of a good home page was one that had lots of cool pictures - and backgrounds: they were cool.

In '96/97, I thought sound in a web page was way cool - but not elevator-music midis, no way. WAV files were the way to go!

In '98/99 Flash was the ultimate. My whole web site could be one interactive multimedia presentation - and you just had animate absolutely everything.

In 2000 I was taken under the wing of somewhat of a web veteran. Creating web sites for business altered my perspective. No longer was it about what I wanted, but what the site visitors wanted. Apparently they didn't appreciate cool backgrounds if they obscured the text. Apparently all those fantastic images meant the visitor had to wait longer to get what they wanted out of the site. And my music: not only did it take an eternity to download, but visitors didn't want the page to sing to them. Flash: who woulda thought that people would rather use the browser back button than my funky replacement... and my clever animations were just annoying delays???

Needless to say that I still cringe at my pre-professional days

So what's my current idea of a good website? Well, I now know that it is too big a question for someone with my short attention span to fully address here and now. But in general, I now see a good web site as one that allows you to achieve your goals whilst facilitating your visitors in achieving theirs.

Yes, I know, its a cop-out and that all I'm really saying is 'it depends' - but people pay good money for that sort of advice. Let me know if you think you can afford the real answer ;-)